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How To Order

Hefe Design Shop is partnered with several wholesale vendors to give our customers the largest variety of materials to choose from. Simply click on any of the links below to being searching for your blank items. While searching retain the item number, color, and amount you require of that item.Simply click the link below to send us an email with your itemized order and a description of the work you require.  You will receive a quote in no less than 24 hours!

Any questions regarding the ordering process? Feel free to contact us. (909) 568 - 5391

How To Order: Features

Fitted, Snapbacks and so much more!

Thousands of garments to choose from!

Blank Shirts.jpg

This vendor features all west coast fashion. You will find extremely trendy items here! Leggings, joggers and sleevless hoodies. Many fashionable sweaters, baseball tee's and crop top items can be found right here!

Disregard any prices you may see attached to the items while you are searching. When you receive your quote, the items will be listed at there adjusted wholesale rate.

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